“Querida Matilde”

  From October 12th the Teatro La Latina in Madrid is the venue for the staging of it is intended to be the great drama of the year, “Dear Mathilde”. Lola Herrera, Ana Labordeta and Daniel Freire Labordeta will be responsible for giving life to the wonderful characters in this production. The performances will take […]

Theatre: “Holidaymakers”

The Abbey Theatre presents “Holidaymakers” in a version performed by the team of “The function to be done”. A text of Maxim Gorky was brought to our nearest reality, in which a group of friends reunited in summer to spend a few days together, although always appear the irremediable friction between each other, where emerging […]

The best of the theatre in the circle of fine arts

Wolf Howl – Teatro Corsario If you visit Madrid these days, remember that the circle of fine arts has proposed closer to the viewer the best theater of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. To do this from the 7 February and 21 may put in action his cycle “scene circle” where he makes a […]