Madrid-Barcelona is the European route with more flights per day

According to the latest data made public in its annual survey, by the European Organisation for the safety of air navigation, Eurocontrol, flights to Madrid from Barcelona, or vice versa, are the main air route in Europe. Although flights operated between the two cities during 2010 declined 13% compared to the year 2009, more of […]

The route of the museums of the month of may

Royal Botanic Garden Many times, in the desire to know the most popular for tourism in Madrid, we forget or disregard the visit to museums, one of the most valuable treasures the city. Attentive to this repeated behavior, the Madrid Metro company and several museums, again set up during the month of may “the route […]

Madrid: The Museum route

Already there are no grounds for who live or visit Madrid is deprived of visiting their museums, throughout the month of may madrileƱos and tourists who are customers of the Madrid Metro can make for free “the route of museums” only with presenting the title of travel or the payment of transport, at the entrance […]