Movies in Madrid, now festival

Everybody likes going to the cinema to watch a good movie. Many directors have chosen to make art cinema or independent films outside the international market, and it is always worth going to those movie festivals held each year around the world. In fact the Short Movies Fescinal Festival will be taking place this year […]

Movie releases. June 2011 (I)

this week if brief twice good. A few minimalist releases that are not created, there are times that they are even welcome and everything, and more if they are manufacturados…–X-MEN: first generation, Matthew Vaughn. In cold war, the first mutant known come together to deal with a serious threat, rather than take each one his […]

Movie releases. May 2011 (IV)

by Álvaro Pedraz this week, ‘post’ – electoral, we do our own peaceful sit-in front of the Billboard to protest and try to change the mode of production film Yankee… I do not read, join you. –The Beaver (THE BEAVER), Jodie Foster. A top executive of a toy industry suffers from a severe depression whose […]