Flic festival in Madrid, free

Rainy days can be boring and gray, but some artists have found a way to make art out of umbrellas. Of course they are not for sale, but it is possible to see them at the Flic festival in┬áMadrid. When? On September 5th, and remember, it is totally free. If you are wondering wht Flic […]

DCode Festival

Madrid already has a new festival, the dcode Festival, an international festival of music, trends, and art. A unique event in the capital which will take place on 24 and 25 in DC Cantarranas’s Complutense University. 24 hours of good music, with a total of 26 groups both nationally and internationally, in a compound which […]

Autumn Festival in spring 2011

From the past day 11, Madrid and its community hosts the 28TH Festival of autumn in spring. 34 spaces, 140 functions and 32 films, are some of the figures of the new edition, in the case of Madrid, has 12 scenarios, how La Casa Encendida, Teatro Circo Price, Matadero Madrid, Teatro Spanish or theatres of […]


Today begins la13 ┬¬ Edition of the Festival of German cinema .german films is the organizer of a sample this year noted for the variety of its programming with thirteen largometrajes, including a documentary or a film, a selection of short films and miniseries, this German production. There will also be the presence of several […]