The Coin Museum

Publicado el 26 December 2013
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The Coin Museum is one of the most important Museums in the World of Coins. It’s located in Madrid City and anyone can visit it because the entrance fee is Free.

In this Museum you will see al type of Coins from the medieval time until today, you will also fine cash and lottery and all type of paper stuff. This Museum is amazing if you like economy history you will enjoy it for sure.

The Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday and it’s closed on Monday, the best way to go is with the Metro till O’Donell Stop.


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Towers you must see in Madrid

Publicado el 25 December 2013
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If you are having a trip in Madrid you should go and see the four buildings that Madrid has to offer, in this post we will list all of them.

Caja Madrid Tower

This Tower is the tallest in Madrid with more than 250mts you must see it.

Vallehermoso Sacyr Tower

This tower has more than 230mts and it was made by  Carlos Rubio Carvajal y Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walter. In one of this Towers is where one of the most luxary hotels in Madrid is.

This are one of the most nice towers and a must see if you are in Madrid.

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Frenchmen Bridge

Publicado el 23 December 2013
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Frenchmen Bridge is a railway viaduct located in the Moncloa District of Madrid. This amazing Bridge was built in the second half of the nineteenth century and its a very nice place to explore the nature that Madrid has to give you.

This Bridge was made during 1860 and 1862 at the same time that the railway was being built.

During the Spanish Civil War, this bridge was the key of some epic moment in the defense of Madrid.

This place is very nice to visit with your family and a Car you will enjoy all the beauty of the nature.


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Welcome to Ancient Egypt

Publicado el 21 December 2013
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The Debod Temple is an ancient temple which was re built in Madrid City but first originated in Egypt.

The original temple was first built 10 milles away from Aswan in Southern Egypt very close to the Nile.

This Temple is located in Plaza De España and can be visited every day with a good Camera we are sure you will have fun in this amazing temple that will make you feel you are in Ancient Egypt.

The Temple of Debod was a gift from Egypt to Spain in hear 1968 in compensation for the help that spain gave Egypt after the Unesco help call.


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Madrid is your place for Fashion

Publicado el 19 December 2013
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Fashion Design

Madrid is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and also one of the best places to go Shopping. You have more than 20 Shopping Malls all around the city and big stores such as “El Corte Ingles” and many others, depending in which month of the year you are visiting Madrid you will have higher prices or lower prices, normally offers are in Mid August and September but you have a lot of cheap and quality clothe in shops like H&M or Zara.

Another good thing to point out about Madrid is the Touristic Life, but we will talk about this in next post.

Enjoy Madrid!

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Christmas Train is in Madrid

Publicado el 18 December 2013
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If you are enjoying your vacations in Madrid, This 26th this fantastic train is going to be in the Museum of the Railway. This amazing Train will be in the Musem till January 5th of 2014 so you have some days to go and visit it.

The Christmas train is compound by for railways of the 1920s and it will take kids for a 1 hour 30 trip. If you are with your kids we recommend this trip because it will be awesome and fun for you and your family.

First Train departure will be at 10:25 am Local Time and the second one will be at 12:45pm Local Time.

Merry Christmas to all readers!


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Where to go Shopping in Madrid

Publicado el 17 December 2013
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Madrid is one of the best places to go shopping in the hole world, with thousand of stores and good offers you will have a lot of fun looking for what you want. El Corte Ingles is the place you want to go if you are looking a All In One Store where you can get anything you want in only 7 floors, no need to move.

If you like walking more and want to go shopping and see a lot of brands we reccmoend you to go to The Golden Mile.

Always take care of your personal belongings and enjoy your trip!

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Looking for good meat? La Vaca Argentina is your place.

Publicado el 14 December 2013
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La Vaca Argentina is an Argentinean Cusine style restaurant where the speciality of the house is Meat and good classic Argentinean Food, Prices go from 15€ up to 30€ for two persons in avarage. We can reccomend this place as a very nice to have lunch in Madrid.

This fantastic Restaurant is located near Madrid City Center and you get to it with the Metro or any Bus, We know you love Argentina because we have Messi so take the chance and go to La Vaca Argentina you will proably not regret it ever.

The address of the La Vaca Argentina:  Covarrubias 24, 28010 Madrid. 


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El Corral de la Morería the best place to eat in Madrid

Publicado el 14 December 2013
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El Corral de la Moreria flamenco restaurant

This amazing restaurant was inagurated in 1957 that means that this restaurant is the oldest Flamento Show Restaurant in Madrid. El Corral de la Moreira is the best place you can visit if you are alone with your wife or husband and want to have a nice New Year’s Eve or maybe St.Valentine day?

It owner, Manuel Del Rey wanted to make this place the best in Madrid from the day he inagurated in 1957 and he did it. Pretty awesome, huh?

We reccomend you having a trip to this fantastic restaurant you wont regret it ever and you will have the best Salmon in town.


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Las Rozas Village the Outlet world

Publicado el 13 December 2013
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Madrid is one of the nicest cities in the world. Prices are not the best comparing to USA but usually clothes are very accesible if you are from South America or other parts of Europe. We reccomend you having a trip to Las Rozas Village where you will have more than 100 outlets of the best clothes brands in the world.

Las Rozas is located 20km outside Madrid but you can take a Bus or just go with a Rented Car.

In Las Rozas Village you will find some brands such as Armani, Burberry, Adolfo Dominguez, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Pepe Jeans, Hugo Boss, Dolce Gabanna and many more.

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