El Corral de la Morería the best place to eat in Madrid

This amazing restaurant was inagurated in 1957 that means that this restaurant is the oldest Flamento Show Restaurant in Madrid. El Corral de la Moreira is the best place you can visit if you are alone with your wife or husband and want to have a nice New Year’s Eve or maybe St.Valentine day? It […]

Las Rozas Village the Outlet world

Madrid is one of the nicest cities in the world. Prices are not the best comparing to USA but usually clothes are very accesible if you are from South America or other parts of Europe. We reccomend you having a trip to Las Rozas Village where you will have more than 100 outlets of the […]

Are you a Fan of Atletico de Madrid?

                  If you are having a nice time here in Madrid and you Love Atletico de Madrid Soccer Team you are in the right city at the right moment, the fantastic Stadium Vicente Calderon is minutes away from your location and you should visit this awesome place […]

Enjoy a trip to Real Madrid Stadium

If you are a Fan of Real Madrid FC you are in the correct city and you are probably in the correct time. You are minutes ago from one of the most important Soccer teams in the world. Imagine having the chance to see Bale, Ronaldo…in the fantastic Santiago Bernabeu Stadium located minutes away from […]

Enjoy the typical squid snacks

One of the most deeply rooted traditions of Christmas in Madrid, is swallowing the delicious calamari sandwiches in establishments close to the Plaza Mayor. In fact, there are many locals who can not pass up the opportunity to visit the Christmas market located in the square and enjoy this kind of sandwiches. Its delicious taste, […]

Enjoy Halloween in Madrid Amusement Park

If you have a great time during the feast of All Saints in an original and fun and also you enjoy the terror in its purest form, we recommend that you approach the Madrid Amusement Park. It is the ultimate playground Madrid Community has prepared an interesting program of activities for Halloween become an unforgettable party. Terrifying […]

THE 2011 Madrid GAY pride week programme

After the incident with Gallardón and the refusal of the city to allow celebrations (changing Ordinances on ruídos) seems Chueca square will not be anything more than the opening speech. The cconciertos will be in plaza of the Moon, and more distant scenarios, but with reduced hours. próximamanete more information Gay pride photos www.flickr.com Whorush: […]

St. John’s night in Madrid

Not official, but allowed party quotes, beyond of San Francisco el Grande, in the Park of the cornice, families and groups meet to skip bonfires and drink under the stars. Fortunately, there is an ambulance of the SAMUR for jumpers without knowing. Organised, the Association of neighbors of the Park of the cornice, speculation of […]

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