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Publicado el 30 August 2014
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Rainy days can be boring and gray, but some artists have found a way to make art out of umbrellas. Of course they are not for sale, but it is possible to see them at the Flic festival in Madrid. When? On September 5th, and remember, it is totally free.

3. Flic Festival

If you are wondering wht Flic is, it is a festival of literature and art for kids and teens that travels around diverse populations and cultural spaces of Spain. The aim of this event is to bring literature to all kinds of public and promote reading, focusing on innovation and experimentation in the transmission and promotion of literature. Flic promotes the creation and brings the country initiatives from all over the world promoting the crossing art from literature.

Through the discovery of literary texts of various genres including songs, fables, tales, stories and scientific texts… young people make their creations, using umbrellas as their special canvas.

Flic festival also approaches to the Municipal Public Libraries the traveling exhibition Animalarios, which aims to promote the promising and talented young Spanish illustrators. This exhibition is made by students who attend the participating centers in the Network of Schools of illustration and animation and looks for promoting innovation and experimentation of artists in training.

What the exhibition shows concerns five literary animal topologies: the eagle, the wolf, the frog, the shark and the dragon.

To visit the umbrellas exhibition at the Flic festival you can either choose among the following dates: from August 18 to September 15, from September 16 to October 10, from October 13 to November 7 and finally from November 11 to December 18. Take a chance to see the future famous artists of Spain and delight yourself with these unique umbrellas that represent the eternal animal figures of our literature. And of course take a walk in the beatiful city of Madrid.

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