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Publicado el 26 August 2014
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Everybody likes going to the cinema to watch a good movie. Many directors have chosen to make art cinema or independent films outside the international market, and it is always worth going to those movie festivals held each year around the world.

1. The Short Movies Fescinal Festival

In fact the Short Movies Fescinal Festival will be taking place this year in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday, August 27th at 22:15 hours in the Fescinal 2014 at the “Parque de la bombilla” auditorium. This is an outdoors festival for short movies that presents a structure of two screens, called “double program”.  Every night you are able to choose between these two screens and among the three or four titles that are scheduled daily. This festival is the only one in Spain that has over a hundred different titles programmed in two different meeting points for 73 days of screening. It also includes several conferences with the directors and the actors involved in the short films shown. The category for short films is one of the mayor options in movie festivals.

What is new this year is that one of the screening rooms will be digitalized but the second remaining will keep its original 35mm style. At the same time there will be special movies for the kids too so that the little ones can go and enjoy a good film as well.

To enter the festival you can get the tickets at the theater box office, beginning at 9 pm. The normal entrance price for adults is 9 Euros, for senior and students 5 Euros and for children it is completely free. It is very simple to get there, even not by car.  To get there by bus you can take 41, 46 and 75 lines. If you decide to go on the underground then take the Príncipe Pío line.

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