Numbers you must have if you visit Madrid

Publicado el 8 January 2014
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When you are visiting a new country having all the numbers for Police and Security is very important in case you suffer an accident. In this article we are going to give you the important numbers you must have with you in case you go to a trip or a high risk adventure.

It’s also really important that you have an International insurance in case you are visiting Madrid because this will help you a lot in the proccess of going to an hospital if you have any accident or just feel sick.

Important Numbers:

Central Police Station (Comisaría de policía Madrid-Centro) Tel: 915 487 985
National Police (Policía Nacional: Protección Ciudadana) Tel: 915 805 263
Forest Fires (Bomberos Comunidad) Tel: 085
Fire Service (centralised service) Tel: 913 973 700
Red Cross Emergencies Tel: 915 222 222
Ambulances Tel: 913 354 545
Town Hall (Municipio) Tel: 915 340 200
Town Protection (Protección Ciudadana) Tel: 915 373 100
Traffic Civil Guard (Guardia Civil del Tráfico) Tel: 914 577 700 (Madrid North)
Traffic Civil Guard (Guardia Civil del Tráfico) Tel: 918 950 073 (Madrid South)
Victims of Terrorism (Victimas de Terorismo) Tel: 900 150 000
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