Numbers you must have if you visit Madrid

When you are visiting a new country having all the numbers for Police and Security is very important in case you suffer an accident. In this article we are going to give you the important numbers you must have with you in case you go to a trip or a high risk adventure. It’s also […]

Public Transportation in Madrid

Public Transport in Madrid is one of the best options you have if you are visiting or living in the city. It will cost you less money than a taxi and you will have the same quality of commodity. All buses in Madrid are equipped with Air conditioner and a System that tells you how […]

El Corte Ingles Stores

If you are looking to buy a lot of things for your vacations or if you need to take back to your country presents for your familly you are going to the correct place. El Corte Ingles offers all the variety of brands and type of products in 7 to 10 floors bulding. You don’t […]

ABC Museum in Madrid

ABC Museum has a lot of history in Madrid. It’s located in a bulding that back in the days during the 90s was used to put into work the Mohou Beer first factory. This amazing building was build by Jose Lopez Salaberry one of the best Architecs in Spain. When the new Museum opened they […]

Royal Theater of Madrid

The Teatro Real or Royal Theater in English is one of the best opera houses in Spain. This house is located two squares away from Plaza de Isabel II and Plaza del Oriente. This opera palaceĀ is located in front of the Royal Palace, the official residence of Isabel II. If you like the Opera you […]

The great Botanical Garden

We know you love Madrid and you are always looking foward to have a new attraction to visit in your fantastic trip. Today we are going to present a great place called the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid. This park was founded on 1755 by King Ferdinand. We must point out that this garden has […]