How to manage your Money in Madrid

Publicado el 31 December 2013
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Money is one of the big things you need if you are travelling the world, sometimes we go to another country and we dont know what Currency or what are the normal prices in a shop and maybe you can get scammed by some kind of shopper or street seller. This post is going to be informative for you so you will have a good idea of what are the normal prices for general things like Bus, Coffee and dailly basis things so you can travel in peace.

Here we go with the basics: 

Coffee: 1,30€

Bus: 1€

Newspaper: 1,20€

Menu of the Day: 12€

Cinema entrance: 7-8€

Alcohol Drink: 10€

Real Madrid entrance for a Local Match: from 30€

Iberic Jam plate: 25€


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