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Publicado el 20 December 2011
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One of the most deeply rooted traditions of Christmas in Madrid, is swallowing the delicious calamari sandwiches in establishments close to the Plaza Mayor. In fact, there are many locals who can not pass up the opportunity to visit the Christmas market located in the square and enjoy this kind of sandwiches. Its delicious taste, is increasingly associated with Christmas in Madrid.

In the vicinity of the Plaza Mayor is a countless number of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy calamari sandwiches and they are all delicious and the prices are not particularly high. Perhaps, besides the great taste, this is one of the secrets of their success.

Among the most outstanding establishments in the sale are: The Brilliant, Bar La Campana, Cafeteria Magerit G Major Brewery, Brewery Square, Bar Postas, House Rua TiƩtar Valley Cafe and Liana.

This unique ‘sandwich’ consists essentially of an open bun on one side where it is introduced squid coated in flour and egg and then fried, although some people also add mayonnaise or lemon. But this already depends on the taste of each. Of course, in every way is really rich!

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