Viggo Mortensen en Las Naves del Español

Publicado el 15 November 2011
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The internationally known actor Viggo Mortensen offers with Carme Elias, the staging of one of the most anticipated plays in Madrid, “Purgatory.” The work based on Ariel Dorfman’s text can be seen on Spanish ships from Tuesday to Sunday. It is certainly a unique opportunity to enjoy quality theater with actors incomparable. Tickets priced ranging from 22 euros, can be purchased at and discount sites.

‘Purgatory’ programming now reaches of the Ships of the Spanish but has spent years preparing to take the stage without the various problems that have surrounded the actors. Viggo Mortensen, Dorfman and Mestres teamed in 2009 to perform it but the mother’s illness made ??it impossible for the actor twice in the implementation of the project. And Aridna Gil, the actress who was to be part of the main cast, had to give way to the actress Carme Elias by various setbacks.

The work is a text of Ariel Dorfman was born under the brilliant idea of ??it by taking on our biggest enemies in a limited space. To give us an idea, we outlined the work Dofman as follows, “Imagine the person who has hurt you in life, imagine you have that person at your mercy, you can give the pass to be reincarnated , be redeemed or forget all that. But imagine that that person is the more damage you’ve done. Lock him in a room and you Purgatory. ”

This is a unique opportunity to see live one of the most acclaimed theater proposals Madrid picture. A work built on a wonderful and intense text that begs mode enferntarnos what hurts us. Dare you see it?.

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