Te quiero, eres perfecto…”Ya te cambiaré…”

Publicado el 2 November 2011
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Until the third of December, the Bishop Theater offers one of the funniest plays of the entirebillboard in Madrid, “I love you, you are perfect …! It will change you”. A musical comedy byJoe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts based on independent sketches in which men and women of today, played by four actors, they face the vicissitudes of love and relationships.A unique opportunity to start from the laughter in one of the most interesting theaters in the capital. It can be seen from Wednesday to Sunday and the price ranges from 16 to 20 euros.


As we indicated in the theater’s own website, “How to screw up the first date? Whatwomen think when men are talking about? What I took the day I decided to commit? Is there life after marriage? What about sex? “Will be some fun questions to be answered on the scene through interesting sketches in which the world of the couple is put on the tableopenly, but above all, with much grace.

The work that has exceptional musical moments, is considered the most successful Off-Broadway New Yorker, where he has remained continuously in the lineup for 12 years at the Westside Theatre. Now comes the turn of Madrid, where it is already taking the firststeps to becoming the work more fun comic drama in many seasons. In fact criticismyields to her charms in each of their performances. Nothing unusual given the wonderful work of its actors: Laura Castrillon, Amanda Dove Juan Puig, Jorge Gonzales, PabloMuñoz-Chápuli and Alberto Alejandre.

If you are willing to go to any of its functions only have to buy tickets at the theater box office itself or in the various sites where it is sold, both the Bishop and those of theatrical offerings.

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