Enjoy Halloween in Madrid Amusement Park

Publicado el 28 October 2011
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If you have a great time during the feast of All Saints in an original and fun and also you enjoy the terror in its purest form, we recommend that you approach the Madrid Amusement Park. It is the ultimate playground Madrid Community has prepared an interesting program of activities for Halloween become an unforgettable party. Terrifying decoration, 3 different passages of terror, giant animatronics, 40 zombies, vampires and demons dancing, makeup for kids, families of witches and scarecrows and terror dinners are some of the surprises that await you.
For the first time in its 42 year history the Madrid Amusement Park is completely transformed into a new and terrifying Park to host the largest celebration of Halloween this year.
If you like strong emotions should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the magic of Halloween horror. Cemeteries with gravestones, tombs, skeletons, thousands of pumpkins and spider webs in every corner of the park are some of the fun props you’ll find. And, when you least expect animatronic giant U.S. brought terror that will leave everyone petrified with fear, as an amazing monster Necromancer 7 meters high, the Angel of Death and a giant bat than 4 meters are some of the scary characters that will leave you breathless.
Also waves of zombies from their graves and will pursue you through the streets of the park and families of witches and scarecrows will tour the playground and play with children in the maze. So if you have kids at home is also be a good opportunity to enjoy Halloween.May become little monsters, make-up at the kiosk, specializing in terror. No doubt an activity they’ll love it.
One of the most funky Amusement Park these days is La Venta del Terror, inhabited by monsters Bailon and fun. They invite us to dance with vampires and demons to the rhythm of the latest music. And although all the activities that you mentioned are worth for his genius, the highlight of the park for these dates has always been and will continue this year the old house, a genuine Passage of Terror that since 1989 has relentlessly frightening .Four million people have experienced the fear of standing in a pouring in and feeling old house, in your own skin, most horror adventure with characters of flesh and bone. And for Halloween is something special in this terrifying place during these days will open two new and completely different passages, the Mausoleum that offers you more gloomy medieval and dark and deadly games where the protagonist will be a real horror movie .
And during the night to complete the terrifying day, you can protect in the Restaurant of Terror, “The Inn of the Big House” where not starve themselves but may not do fear. Wait for you there fresh and tasty dishes freshly prepared in the kitchens of hell and other movie characters more terrifying try you can not eat in peace.
Do not tell me that is not an original super way to enjoy Halloween. If you are interested you can check the schedules on its website the different activities that are still more than what I show! Enjoy!!
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