The Great Adventure of Pinocchio, the musical.

Publicado el 20 October 2011
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The Teatro La Latina offered from October 29 which is predicted to be the quintessentialfamily show theater season, “The Great Adventures of Pinocchio”. This musical suitable for all audiences is packed with great musical numbers, visual effects and a lot of magic.All key elements to spend a great time with the younger members of the house. And considering that the show is designed for kids, the company has designed day sessionswhere they can go smoothly. Therefore, the functions will be on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 am. Tickets can be purchased in, Promescena, and in their own box office. Do not tell me you feel no curiosity to seePinocchio?.

Rescuing the most recognizable classic Collodi, Limelight Productions has created a new version that puts Pinocchio today and become a real boy who lives in a city where no one can make wishes because the stars have disappeared due to pollution emitted by “The Factory”.

As you say from your own site, “The great good fortune of Pinocchio”, is “a new updated version of Pinocchio makes a character more understandable and closer to the public andfor displaying the values ??of family, caring for the environment or real difference between good and evil. ”

This is a unique opportunity to bring the little ones to the world of music while learning fromone of the greatest characters in children’s literature. If you have kids sure they enjoy themselves.

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