The Lion King the Musical

Publicado el 17 October 2011
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If you like quality music you’re in luck. One of the most acclaimed by critics and viewersand one of the most anticipated theater scene is from October 21 at the Teatro Lope deVega, “The Lion King.” Seen by nearly 60 million viewers and won 70 awards, this amazing musical with more than 14 years on Broadway with songs by Elton John and TimRice and music by Lebo. M and Hans Zimmer. It’s time to enjoy it in Madrid. Do not you think?.
“The Lion King” is one of those magical musical win the public get to have him long beforetheir seats. And is that the universe of his story is one of the most beloved. Perhaps this is why it is not surprising that each of its meetings have been counted in each of the citieswhere it has been represented by the full house sign. In Madrid, he looked exactly the same, as tickets are flying out to give the news a few months ago.
But apart from his popularity, as you say from the website of the work of its great success is “fruit of the union of musical and theatrical talents recognized worldwide andsophisticated fusion of the arts disciplines African scene, this wonderful Western and Asian music. “
“The Lion King the Musical” takes the viewer to exotic Africa, with evocative music, providing a new landmark in the entertainment world, a turning point in artistic design, and generally in the genre, that no indifferent. And is that they have a creative team and a cast of excellent actors and dancers. A total of 56 spectacular performers that leave youwanting to see him again. Tickets can be purchased at the show’s own website or websites of theatrical offerings. Enjoy it!
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  1. Musical Tickets London on November 18th, 2011 11:46 am

    Greetings from the UK! Great review of a really amazing musical. (I think you’re english is really good) Thanks from Lion King Tickets London

  2. Silvia on November 25th, 2011 5:25 pm

    Thank´s so much!!!

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