Enjoy Halloween in Madrid Amusement Park

If you have a great time during the feast of All Saints in an original and fun and also you enjoy the terror in its purest form, we recommend that you approach the Madrid Amusement Park. It is the ultimate playground Madrid Community has prepared an interesting program of activities for Halloween become an unforgettable party. Terrifying […]

Feria del Jamón Ibérico de Bellota

                  If you want to discover the “7 flavors of ham” and you’re in Madrid from 27th to October 30th you’re in luck because you can do so by visiting the Iberian Ham Fair in the PlazaMayor. Thanks to this great initiative you will learn the best kept secrets of one of the best dishes of Spanish cuisine, comparable only to truffles or caviar. At the fair you will discoverhow to properly cut or what is the best way […]

The Great Adventure of Pinocchio, the musical.

The Teatro La Latina offered from October 29 which is predicted to be the quintessentialfamily show theater season, “The Great Adventures of Pinocchio”. This musical suitable for all audiences is packed with great musical numbers, visual effects and a lot of magic.All key elements to spend a great time with the younger members of the house. And considering that the show is designed for kids, the company has designed day sessionswhere they can go smoothly. Therefore, the functions will be on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 am. Tickets can be purchased in www.atrapalo.com, Promescena,www.telentrada.com and in their own box […]

The Lion King the Musical

If you like quality music you’re in luck. One of the most acclaimed by critics and viewersand one of the most anticipated theater scene is from October 21 at the Teatro Lope deVega, “The Lion King.” Seen by nearly 60 million viewers and won 70 awards, this amazing musical with more than 14 years on Broadway with songs by Elton John and TimRice and music by Lebo. M and Hans Zimmer. It’s time to enjoy it in Madrid. Do not you think?. “The Lion King” is one of those magical musical win the public get to have him long beforetheir seats. And […]

“Querida Matilde”

  From October 12th the Teatro La Latina in Madrid is the venue for the staging of it is intended to be the great drama of the year, “Dear Mathilde”. Lola Herrera, Ana Labordeta and Daniel Freire Labordeta will be responsible for giving life to the wonderful characters in this production. The performances will take […]