Toc Toc Third Season

Publicado el 15 September 2011
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One of the most successful of seasons back to the load on the Gran Via Theatre and Prince is none other than the hilarious Toc Toc. The work focuses on obsessive compulsive disorders, many patients who meet in the hall of a famous psychiatrist say a bunch of laughs during the nearly two-hour. The performances take place from Tuesday to Sunday.

If you are looking for one of those works that will make you think while you do laugh like never have done this is your work. Endless hilarious conversations that take place among patients of a famous therapist who treats compulsive obsessions. The absence of the doctor’s own patients will be forced to make conversation and to carry out an interesting session that will test their fears and obsessions. A session that will make us think about what they really are obsessive-compulsive disorder and are much more common than we think.

During the endless minutes waiting hilarious conversations will be developed that will have to leave the theater, besides having laces both laugh, remember one of the best work that you have ever seen. If you do not know more than I advise you approach the Teatro Príncipe Gran Via because you did not leave you indifferent.

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