Mercado Goyesco in C.Villalba

On 16, 17 and 18 September the mountain town hosts VillalbĂ­n holding a very special market, the market Goyesco. A unique opportunity to feel we are members of one of the most iconic eras of our country. The event will feature about 100 positions in which they will be selling handicrafts, food, leather, candles, incense, […]

Looking for an apartment or do you rent a villa?

Madrid property market has suffered extensive damage due to the crisis in which we are immersed. For this and are aware of the importance of having affordable rents and making us to our own home, offers friendly web to buy a flat in Madrid. If you are interested take a look because it’s worth […]

Toc Toc Third Season

One of the most successful of seasons back to the load on the Gran Via Theatre and Prince is none other than the hilarious Toc Toc. The work focuses on obsessive compulsive disorders, many patients who meet in the hall of a famous psychiatrist say a bunch of laughs during the nearly two-hour. The performances […]

Third edition of the Film Festival

It’s nothing new that film that virtually every room in Madrid is about predatory pricing. However, if you love to go but you can not do it so expensive that you have a great opportunity to do so from 26 to 28 September thanks to the brilliant initiative The Film Festival. An idea launched by […]