A walk in Chamberí

Publicado el 3 July 2011
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Chamberí is one of the most representative of Madrid areas, among other items of interest, stands out for being composed of abundant modernist, neo-Gothic and neomudéjares buildings.

Camberi-Barrio del AlmagroCamberi-Barrio of Almagro

In ancient times was a village which fell outside the city limits, but is currently a fashionable district, crowded both by residents as visitors.

Chamberí is a very extensive neighborhood which in turn contains other six districts: Gaztambide, Arapiles, Almagro, Ríos Rosas, Vallehermoso and Almagro, all build up a population of about 150,000 inhabitants. Its boundaries extend between streets Princess to the West, Alberto Aguilera and Sagasta South, ride of the Castellesana to the East and North avenues of Moncloa, Queen Victoria, Raimundo Fernández Villaverde and the gazebo of Cuatro Caminos, limit where just the neighborhood.

It is said that its name comes from a French regiment camped in the area at the time of the war of independence. The neighborhood began to form in land that depended on the District of Fuencarral and belonged in the middle ages to the Knights Templar.

This is one of the favorite of tourists, it has some of the best hotels in Madrid, also restaurants, cafes, designer shops, shopping malls and everything what is expected of a zone of high-traffic..

One of the most popular areas of Chamberí is the Gold triangle of Madrid, zone covering the streets of Almagro, Paseo de la Castellana and calle Miguel Ángel. In this area it is located the Ministry of the Interior and several embassies, there are also two privately owned museums, the Museum Valencia de Don Juan and the other one is the Museo sorolla in the calle Martínez Campos. The Fuencarral Street, between Quevedo and Bilbao, he has dozens of movie theaters of premiere.

During the 18th and 19th centuries many of the personalities of the Spanish aristocracy set his residence in this district, because of its proximity to the Centre of Madrid.

Chamberí recently became even more popular due to the installation of the Park Green channel. Large leisure centre featuring green areas, football pitches, paddle tennis courts and a golf practice area.

Chamberí is one of the most traditional districts and more move in the city of Madrid.

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