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Publicado el 29 June 2011
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The germ of the Madrid zoo dates from the year 1770 in the Casa de Retiro menagerie, founded by Charles III.
But true promoter of the Madrid Zoo was Antonio Lleó de la Viña, who built facilities there today, current zoo in the Casa de Campo was inaugurated in 1972, thereafter until our days they have been observing, studying and preserving many species some of them endangered and found in the zoo a last chance.
Fifteen years later built the Dolphinarium, in 1987, resulting in increase of interest in the zoo. The Dolphinarium are bottlenose dolphins and sea lions in Patagonia
Also built the Pavilion mysterious nature, exhibiting a large collection of reptiles, amphibians, spiders and other amazing animals.
Already in 1995 is built at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium, which is pyramid-shaped, is covered by glass, 3000 square meters and is located in the southwest of the site.
Two years later, in 1997, they begin to display flights of prey and exotic birds in an area near the Dolphinarium.
Five years later, in 2002, Queen Sofia and the then Mayor of Madrid, José María Álvarez del Manzano, opened classrooms for environmental education of Zoo Aquarium.
A year later, in 2003, recreates the installation for sea lions and penguins.
The last work in 2006 has been the new complex of primates of Southeast Asia, such as orangutans and Gibbons. From September 2007 the Zoo has a new complex with two giant pandas donated by the Chinese Government.


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