Bibliographic treasures of the Ministry of defence

Until July 03.-in this exhibition are some of the most valuable historical funds of the bibliographic heritage of defence, as a collection of 56 manuscripts and prints of the period between 1482 and 1951, shown for the first time to the public. Volumes have been selected both for their artistic for their documentary value and […]

Arab cartoons

On Monday, March 30.-as end of cycle: Arab stereotypes in Western cinema, will screen a selection of short films that seek to expand the vision of the Arab world. How many times, watching a film or a television series, appear Arabic characters that embody villains, terrorists, religious fanatics or sheikhs with petrodollars? These views stereotyped, […]

Acid, Bemaior

Up to the 10 of June-first individual in Madrid of Bemaior, Spanish artist (1981) in international training. With his work, regenerates the constant question of how can live paint in space and as you can space be part of the painting. Through various disciplines and parts processual proposes different points of view where you can […]