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Publicado el 12 June 2011
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 If you’re looking for your children healthy food, toys and books related to nutrition, do not miss this charming establishment in the heart of the capital

This wonderful shop initiative comes from the Paloma, when she became pregnant a few years ago began to think first about the chemical residues inadvertently eat from day to day, and that a pregnant woman sent directly to your baby, and when This is born, what foods are best for developing even creatures that do not have all prepared their defense mechanisms. It is absolutely a concern today because every day we become more aware of the implications for our bodies have pesticides, preservatives, etc. that we encounter every day. What concerns do not think younger?
With this idea in mind and after having to traverse the city from end to end to find the healthiest foods, household utensils, etc.. decided to open this meeting point for parents interested in learning about proper nutrition for children, recipes, breastfeeding, etc.. Foods you’ll find on it are green, there are informative books about recipes, health, and also connected with the kitchen toys and the market.
Also in an attempt to teach children the art of cooking as healthy as possible organize cooking workshops, games with food or summer. And no lectures for parents and a host of activities and ideas (for example, change the traditional birthday goodies bag for a much more fun and healthy … or if you are in full breastfeeding and you have to merge to work, you will find it necessary to help you not change the rhythm of your child.) You can find a step away from the Plaza de Olavide, in the neighborhood of Chamberí.

Calle de Trafalgar, 12
Tel: 91 591 30 86


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