Movie releases. June 2011 (I)

Publicado el 11 June 2011
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this week if brief twice good. A few minimalist releases that are not created, there are times that they are even welcome and everything, and more if they are manufacturados…

X-MEN: first generation, Matthew Vaughn. In cold war, the first mutant known come together to deal with a serious threat, rather than take each one his own and the opposite way. With James McAvoy and Kevin Bacon.
The tree, Julie Bertuccelli. A family with four children is shattered after the death of the father. The youngest of eight years decides often climb to the fig tree of the garden, where you think has been moved to the deceased.

Why dilemma!, Ron Howard. The friendship of two partners in danger which remains unmarried discovers his friend with other women. With Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder.


Not only banks are those who do not give credit, even one same still not believed the small numbers of releases coming this week. Does it will have begun a period of reflection Hollywood to think (what are we doing?)?…? Unlikely. For the moment we are satisfied seeing how little that is launched on the fly (Jesus, what crisis):

* The most publicized is the sequel to prequel (if strain) X-MEN: first generation, in which we can see to superheroes and supervillains with acne, sideburns and trousers of Bell. If that is not a mutation that Magneto come and see him. To not take the claws or the less please nail.

* We also radically mutamos course with franco-australiana co-production The tree. Dramón of family death and children who took refuge in a fig tree to be able to overcome it. The penalty is that their viewers will not have branches that block to be able to overcome it also. A penalty.

* That Yes, money will not be but pa’ tontás…. Premieres will be almost no, but comedies chuscas middling norteamericanas… not missing. This time is called What dilemma! and it is what discover to your best friend with another woman and that if tell, that if not, if Grandma smokes, if already no…; and brought the hand of the honeyed director of ‘Willow’, ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Frost against Nixon‘ or ‘The Da Vinci Code’ among others. That Yes, if the dilemma itself is if go to see it or not, to me I have no doubt.

What you have to see (and never better said).

PS: this week, that is the thing of mutations, found no better recommendation of the subjecthumanity in danger’of Douglas Gordon in 1954, where some mutant ants fine ride. The Sci-Fi seedy that both want to see from time to time. You know it’s infamous, but you can not leave. Pure retro self-destruction and vintage. And you see that.
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