Jerónimo Hagerman presents its “archipelago” Matadero Madrid

Publicado el 10 June 2011
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hagerman 300x225 Jerónimo Hagerman presenta su Archipiélago en Matadero Madrid

The Mexican artist Jerónimo hagerman presented his installation “Archipelago” Matadero Madrid. An installation which uses the universe plant as if it were a platform full of possibilities for personal and emotional relationships with the outside and not human nature. Plant facilities and gardens looking to join the viewer with the plants, this creates unique situations in a space that is constantly changing.

In the case of “Archipelago” uses 20 mobile hexagons of various sizes, invaded by climbing plants, thanks to the mobility of these pieces. Hagerman will be creating a piece where the most important thing is what happens when the usa people, either to relax, spend time or chat. In it we can understand how nature works at different levels (subatomic, astronomical and human), and how through the combination of various elements nature creates different ways each time.

In the completing installation has deepened sectional in the modern myths of civilization against the wild, where we find of the domestication of the landscape as an aesthetic value or the problems of humanity over nature, as opposed to the human body as a part of nature.

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