Alerts in Madrid by avalanches

Publicado el 10 June 2011
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Alerts in Madrid by avalanches of level 1 and 2 are being present and is being released by to the Ministry of Presidency, justice and Home Affairs. Throughout the conflict estimated that it could happen in the mountains of Madrid which has a height greater than the 2,100 meters, as well as the risk exists of a retinal detachment in all zones of accumulation which are very steep. However, while the news is not positive, it must be said that risk is low, and that the community makes great emphasis that the importance is to not take precautions.

With regard to prevention measures that were described previously is specified not to do any kind of excursions in areas where recently a snowfall has occurred or on slopes where the wind blows. In addition, in those where they are oriented towards the Sun. Another issue that is important to avoid are all those smooth slopes and without trees or large rocks. A good recommendation that are responsible for providing security for all visitors is is I walk only on the higher parts of the slopes, since that way if there is an avalanche, a subject is less likely to be affected by the same.

Finally, we must say that before making any kind of activity, individuals must learn deeply about the conditions in which is the sector where it is going to be in practice chosen discipline. This is of vital importance to be able to prevent any kind of accident that you can get to generate.

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