ISOTONER. Leave that to the flip flops take your feet!!

by Raquel Lozano what ganitas of beach, Sun and enjoy the summer, being made of ask. For this reason, I present the latest Isotoner which this year has focused on flip flops for city and beach. Precious is a little weird to write about the latest addition to Isotoner when we take a week of […]

Open the new access to La Pedriza

  It has just opened to traffic the new La Pedriza access from the highway M-608. After a series of works of preparation that have consisted of the preparation of an intersection and the construction of a central for the exit lane and lanes for acceleration and deceleration. The work has been especially at kilometer […]

Open the terrace of the Baby Beef Rubaiyat

Posted by Patricia June 2nd, 2011 in restaurants and bars. One year more the restaurant Baby Beef Rubaiyat has opened its season of Terrace, having become the four years that is opening up, in one of the most acclaimed summer time. A fresh and intimate offer, with a capacity of 120 guests and divided into […]

The new “tapas menu” of Zarracín

Posted by Patricia June 4th, 2011 in restaurants and bars. With the arrival of the summer we can enjoy one of the most desirable plans at this time, dinner of tapas. Now you can do in Zarracín, that until the end of June its new menu offers tapas. The menu, which is offered from Monday […]

The pools of Madrid already open to beat the heat

On Saturday, 22 pits outside of the city of Madrid, opened its doors to the new season of summer. And until Sept. 5 be kept open with a schedule of 11 to 21 hours and with the same price as in the year 2009. Thus, the entry for adults will cost 4,35 EUR; for children […]

The utopian architecture of Bruno Taut

Posted by Patriciaand exhibitionsJune 3rd, 2011 in art . The circle of fine arts exhibits the series of prints of “Alpine architecture”, the utopian proposal by the German architect Bruno Taut. Conceived between 1917 and 1918, in the heart, world war, as a utopian architectural treatise, is intended to create an urban project in the […]

Ernie´S STATION, 50 your own burgers

by Raquel Lozano Ernie´s Station is a hamburguería that reminds us of the Decade of the 1950s both in the decor, inspired by this time, as for the flavor of their burgers, 100 by 100 American. The 50 years they take over Madrid. How? Thanks to ernie´s stationa burger bar set in that decade, which […]

SHERPPAS and SUNRAYS in the Green moral

by Raquel Lozano El Centro Comercial La Moraleja Green has joined its offer two new stores, fashion and optics, which have in common the glamour, good taste and the sale of firms more caps. Is coming this summer and we have you want to buy more stuff to renew our wardrobe. Many have already begun […]