Autumn Festival in spring 2011

Publicado el 7 June 2011
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La Casa Encendida

From the past day 11, Madrid and its community hosts the 28TH Festival of autumn in spring. 34 spaces, 140 functions and 32 films, are some of the figures of the new edition, in the case of Madrid, has 12 scenarios, how La Casa Encendida, Teatro Circo Price, Matadero Madrid, Teatro Spanish or theatres of the channel. It is only necessary to book a cheap flight to Madrid to enjoy the festival, which takes place until June 5.

Works of theatre how Une flûte enchantée, State of anger or comedy and dreaming, dance sunsets in scene of faces at least two choreographies or Preparatio mortis, the spectacle of the circus, Circa, in addition to the concerts of Soledad Villamil, the premiere in Spain of delusional of Laurie Anderson, or a house show, are some of the events that you are still waiting.

Consultation of complete program here

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