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Publicado el 6 June 2011
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Are you enjoyed planning holidays in advance? If you’re already thinking in what is the best plan for the coming summer 2011, you are proposing something different: a cruise. For those who live in Madrid and are not usually see the sea, choose a cruise is an excellent choice.

The range of possibilities for summer 2011 cruises is very wide: you can learn about the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Atlántico… Most of the cruise ships that sail of Spain, out of the ports of Barcelona or Valencia. For example, Villefranche in France, on the basis of Barcelona can go several destinations in Italy (such as Florence, Rome and Naples), Tunisia, etc. And if you prefer something more exotic you can choose a cruise on the Atlantic and Caribbean, which will take you by New Orleans in United States, the Maya Riviera, Belize, Roatan and other destinations of your dreams.

There are cruises for summer 2011 available from April 2011. In general, last 8 days (7 nights), and in the fee is usually included the full Board (all meals) so you can relax and forget about the tickets and one-week credit cards complete.

With regard to the prices: as always for the summer holidays, the date that you choose affects quite the price, most expensive always’s August, so if you have better time you choose may or June to take advantage of lower rates. Another variable that greatly influences the price of a cruise is the type of cabin you choose (interior, exterior, suite…). To give you an idea of price of cruisers, there are options a week touring the Mediterranean from only 238 euros.

Advance you to the 2011 summer and looks more cruises in options

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