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Publicado el 6 June 2011
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I Concurso de Fotografía de Viviendo Madrid

Today we present you a small contest that we decided to organize for our Facebook fans (of course, that if we did not follow even in this social network, you’re more than welcome to join).

The contest is very simple: you have to upload your photo to us (that haven’t done your) preferred Madrid to our Facebook Wall. The photo who obtains the largest number of “Me Gusta” during the week that lasts for the contest, will receive a small prize (in addition to be able to show off of the winner of the “I contest picture of living Madrid”). That if the ascent photo must adhere to the theme, that in this case is the “spring in Madrid”.

First prize here is the book “Madrid a. del Infierno”, from the creators of other literary blockbuster, “Madrid hidden”. The book is valued at 20€ and so we’ll directly home.

1 Go to http://www.facebook.com/viviendomadrid and click on the button of “like Me” you have above all.

2 Go to the “Wall”, and shares the photo that you want to participate (each single participant may post one photo). We remind you that the photo must be owned by the person who is published (you have to respect the copyrights).

3. For the purposes of voting, only applies the number of “Me Gusta” (are not taken into account comments, although if the participants are encouraged to comment on the photos just in case would have a tie).

4. In the event of a tie, it will win the photo you have more comments (not counting those of the author who has published the photo). If still remain tied, Living Madrid will decide a new method for tie.

5. Any pornographic, violent nature or in general, “not appropriate” image will be deleted immediately. This is also done if you suspect that a photo does not respect copyright.

6. The contest begins today On March 28, 2011, and will close the vote at 11: 59: 59 on Sunday 3 April 2011.

7. Living Madrid reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time, and will have the final decision on the outcome of the contest in the event of any dispute.

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