And the winner of the “I competition of photography” is…

Publicado el 6 June 2011
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Cristina Cosano

Cristina Cosano (39 votes)

We already have a winner of the “I contest picture of living Madrid”!

It’s helped 19 participants with some spectacular photos and more than 150 votes distributed between all those photos, which for us has been a total success. At the end has come out victorious Cristina Cosano with 39 votes (your prize will be on the way soon). We are super happy with all the photos you have uploaded, so I put below the photos that came very close to take the Gold Medal:

The truth is that almost all week, Cristina Pascual Rubin (with 28 votes), he seemed to win the award, but in the last days, he snatched him the current winner. On the other hand, July Carrero Roldán and Cris home share third place with a total of 15 votes each.

We could say that this has been the public vote, but there have been some pictures that we especially liked, and that we wish to highlight here a selection of the jury:

Since this has been everything. We hope that what you had very well if we follow on Facebook (if not, do you expect?). If you have not participated, hope the next time you do it (in case questions that come back to do another contest?) and who simply exercised by viewers, we hope you enjoyed the photos that have made the community of Living Madrid. It is a spectacular selection!

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