The universe of Kurosawa in the ABC Museum of drawing and illustration

Publicado el 5 June 2011
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kurosawa 300x209 El universo de Kurosawa en el Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración

The ABC Museum of drawing and illustration hosts a unique Madrid exhibition, is a sample on the original storyboard of the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. In these we can see the various influences that Kurosawa is surrounded in inspiration for his films, influences especially literary and pictorial as Tolstoy, John Ford, Cézanne, Renoir, Hokusai, Van Gogh or Shakespeare.

We will also announce influences the Filmography of the Japanese left in other contemporary films as in the wars, Ghost Dog or the way of the Samurai.

Another part of the exhibition dedicated to the costumes of the film Ran, film that Kurozawa won the Oscar for the best costume design in 1985. Made by Japanese designer Emi Wada, which was based on the performances of the theater noh and kyogen, which stand out for their elegance and eye candy. Other pieces that we see are the costumes of the fool Kyoami and pink kimono Lady Sué, which highlights some elements painted by hand by Kurosawa.

And finally, the exhibition is also composed of some of the original posters of his filmography, a whole different pieces that help us better understand the universe of this great filmmaker.

Until June 12

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