Real democracy or formal democracy?

If we are looking for information on the origin of the democracy we see that it differs between the modern and ancient or primitive democracy. Photo: Marcos Sanchez-Élez, Athens, the cradle of democracy Possibly I have told a beautiful story in school about the Greeks, the Greek republics, the Government of the people… Yes, that […]

The II Feria de Madrid 2011 drive will feature an exhibition dedicated to the La movida madrileña

The second edition of the album of Madrid International Fair will be held on 28 and 29 May. It will take place in the Palace of congresses and exhibitions of the District of Tetuán and will feature a special exhibition to resemble the mythical Movida Madrileña. This weekend is celebrated in the District of Tetuán […]

The District of Tetuán welcomes ATR 2011 Awards

Grouping of viewers and listeners (ATR) deliver today in the centro cultural Eduardo Úrculo Madrid district of Tetuán their traditional awards to the best programs of radio and television of the year 2011.31.05.2011 Awards ATR 2011Como every year, Spanish viewers and listeners vote and choose the best programs of television and radio, as well as […]


To 15 kil?metros of the Puerta del Sol, in the populated shanty from the chicken coop, camping 100 families, 200 ni?os and thousands of rats. All? the ?nicos anti-establishment are rodents, humans are simply excluded and asistem?ticos and not contained in the polls, are ghosts who live in a limbo that is very similar to […]

Counter is third in the time trial of Mil?n and is made with its second rotation of Italy

Counter is third in the time trial of Mil?n and is made with his second Giro Italia29-05-2011 – MDO / Ep – Fotograf?as: EpEl Madrid cyclist Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank-Sungard) has done with its second rotation of Italy after being third in the time trial of 26 km from Piazza Castello and the square of […]

Government warns May 15 protestors they can’t stay in Sol

The government warned the May 15 Movement on Wednesday that its members cannot continue to camp out in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol much longer. Deputy Prime Minister Alfredo P?rez Rubalcaba did not say how much time the government would give the demonstrators but he explained that business owners in the area have complained that the […]

The 3 best ways to spend a day of Sunday in Madrid

Today, May 22, important day in Spain, and with special meaning in Madrid, here is an article of Nile guide with the 3 best ways to spend a day of Sunday in Madrid. 1. Tapas and vermuth in the Plaza of barley 2 Take a stroll through the trail 3 Walk in the Park of […]

Madrid protestors aim to go global

The grassroots organization Democracia Real Ya, which masterminded the May 15 protest against Spain’s political class and spawned a series of demonstrations across the country, on Monday announced that it will try to go global with a worldwide protest scheduled for October 15. The diverse group – which includes a majority of youngsters but also […]

The universe of Kurosawa in the ABC Museum of drawing and illustration

The ABC Museum of drawing and illustration hosts a unique Madrid exhibition, is a sample on the original storyboard of the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. In these we can see the various influences that Kurosawa is surrounded in inspiration for his films, influences especially literary and pictorial as Tolstoy, John Ford, Cézanne, Renoir, Hokusai, Van […]

Rolling round Bob Dylan’s Madrid

Though he is said to be unsociable, elusive and inscrutable, there was a time when Bob Dylan was seen strolling around Madrid, smiling and looking relaxed. It was June 1984. Bob was 43 years old and in the company of an 18-year-old named ?ngeles Gonz?lez-Sinde. Yes, the same woman who is now culture minister. She […]