The movement of the labour photography at the Museum Reina Sofía

Publicado el 4 June 2011
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 El Movimiento de la Fotografía Obrera en el Museo Reina Sofía

The Museo Reina Sofía presents “A light hard, without mercy.” The movement of labor photography 1926 – 1939?, a sample which contains more than 1000 pieces, including photographs, books, films and magazines, to create a story that explains how the Commons through the proletarian documentary photography, were built that it was contrary to the model bourgeois, by its large component of social denunciation.

Divided into three parts, which will be narrating the evolution of the movement between Germany and the Soviet Union, its development in Europe and North America and the international commitment that took in Spain, while movement as such is not was never, though if that there was a large presence of foreign photographers who moved his way of working to the peninsula.

These photographers include Gerda Taro, Eugen Heiling, Max Alpert John Heartfield, Paul Strand, Arkady Shaikhet, Henri Cartier – Bresson, Tina Modotti, Aaron Siskind, Eli Lotar, Morris Engel, Harold Corsini, Sid Grossman or Walter Reuter, among others.

The sample is intended to give the movement the importance which must be within the history of photography.

Until August 22

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