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Publicado el 3 June 2011
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Medina Mayrit

In this case, the question that comes to our heads is: can why not had done before? This weekend we had the opportunity to enjoy an hour and a half of relaxation in the Medina Mayrit Arab baths located in Atocha Street, and go out with such a level of relaxation, which we have decided to pay us for life.

It is a simple idea, surprising that all houses to not have that series (one can dream). There are three areas of bathroom, each one with water warm (tepidarium, at about 36 °); water cold (frigidarium, fifteenth) or water hot (caldarium, 40th). The idea is to reach a maximum State of relaxation through the contrast achieved the change of temperature. These three “pools” (the depth of these comes more or less by the waist, but they are the enough wide to make a couple of strokes) are complemented by the best known “Turkish bath” (or steam room).

These baths are under a structure of underground reservoir that has been restored, and that thanks to its decor, its waters and its perfume, take us instantly to the múdejar era. All the senses are stimulated, including that of taste thanks to a delicious pikeperch tea that is in a room of “rest” (ironic that he is called so, because that whole place exudes tranquility).

Although one of the main benefits of Arab baths is to eliminate toxins, we can not ignore that the bustling world we live in, anti-stress properties are perhaps the biggest advantage to him, we got to our visit. To escape even during one hour and a half of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, is a luxury that is well worth paying.

We acquire the package of “bath + massage”, if you can go in 10: 00 to 16: 00 hours allow you a saving of £ 10 (in total, 28€ by person). The massage is 15 minutes, and that time is included within the hour and average total.

We are delighted with our visit to Medina Mayrit. In fact, we believe that not long before the return. The treatment is cordial, site is impeccably clean, has a beautiful setting, and so deceive ourselves, the health benefits are clearly visible. If any tuviesemos complaint (it is a really small complaint), is that to enter and leave the entire group at once, the dressing rooms are a bit small (above all to the output, when you have to shower, change, etc.). If there is a way to stagger the input and output, it would be a lot less stressful process.

With all this, we want to encourage you to try the experience. It is a great gift to celebrate a birthday pair (in this case, Valentine) or to give to your parents. We will be there soon, and we hope to see you also there.

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