Olive trees of the CHARQUILLAS (Chapinería)

Publicado el 3 June 2011
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The small group of olive trees located in Chapinería, opposite the Palace of La Sagra.

It is the Charquillas Park is at the junction of the old roads of Ávila and Toledo, and was the designated site to locate the gallows and the leghold trap, symbols of authority subject to the condition of villa that his Majesty King Don Felipe IV granted in the year of 1630 to the place of Chapinería.

The Palace was built at the end of the s. XVIII by the Marquis of Villanueva de la Sagra, which it was used as a hunting lodge. Later it belonged to the Board of Trustees of the child Jesus of the remedy, which used it as a preventorium for children of lepers parents. And in the civil war was a powder keg.

In 1998 the City Council acquires it and today houses various units such as library, Centre of tourist dynamization, ethnographic museum, home of the 3rd age and dependencies of schools workshop and employment workshops. The building has a Renaissance façade, and is of plant square, built in Ashlar granite, rectangular side courtyard and Gallery of wooden columns.

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