Lime trees of the square of the film

Publicado el 3 June 2011
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I do not think that have problems residents in case that the crisis put an end to our nerves. Suffice to properly collect the abundant flowers of the Linden trees in the Plaza of the cinema and prepare the necessary infusions.

Los tilos have been very cultivated since ancient times, first by the Greeks and later Romans, generally provide good shade and as sacred trees. They are highly esteemed in the countries of the Centre of Europe, even in some it is regarded as a symbol, as in Slovenia and Hungary.

In the Netherlands and Germany are the best examples of lime in the world. German epic poem nibelungenlied, the hero Siegfried he acceded tilo spreadsheet while bathing to become immune to weapons, and it was precisely there where it was produced an injury which caused his death.

In Spain introduced in parks and gardens in the first third of the 18th century. Linden, dried flowers, applied as an infusion used specifically by its power to calm the nervous excitement, for a cup of tila is soothing and sedative. The flowers should be included when they just open, it is important to dry them quickly in a day of Sun and dry air.

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