Madrid, ideal for a getaway

Sure there are still many, many people who does not know Madrid and has to this city in the spotlight for your next getaway. Then for all those that do not know the capital of Spain, you must know that it is an excellent choice of travel, regardless of what you are looking for or […]

Then relax in the Medina Mayrit

In this case, the question that comes to our heads is: can why not had done before? This weekend we had the opportunity to enjoy an hour and a half of relaxation in the Medina Mayrit Arab baths located in Atocha Street, and go out with such a level of relaxation, which we have decided […]

Madrid, tourist reference

If there is a town in Spain always I recommend, both my Spanish friends who are from outside the country is Madrid because I believe that everyone should be proud of having a capital like this and so much appreciated by the millions of tourists who annually visit this city. In fact increasingly reaching this […]


Her Majesty Queen Sofia will officially open today, 14th International Festival of photography and Visual Arts PHotoEspaña 2011, June 1 at the 13.00 h. in the Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid. S. D. The Queen will visit the exhibition this year hosting the halls of the Royal Botanic Gardens, face at the time a reflection on […]

“Do you want to go out with me?”, with Dani Rovira

This Friday we were lucky to attend the premiere of “Quieres go out with me?“, the work of the dani rovira Malaga which has finally come to Madrid, and will be in the Alcazar theater until the end of April. The play is a monologue with some other audiovisual that helps a bit spun the […]

Twice on the same stone

The conclusion of the report of the Association of developers of Madrid in which it defends construction of 300,000 flats per year in Spain from 2015 is surprising. As if nothing of what happened – it had happened more than a million unemployed construction can attest to the nightmare that she is living-, promoters turn […]

Lime trees of the square of the film

I do not think that have problems residents in case that the crisis put an end to our nerves. Suffice to properly collect the abundant flowers of the Linden trees in the Plaza of the cinema and prepare the necessary infusions. Los tilos have been very cultivated since ancient times, first by the Greeks and […]


I have my doubts as to the identification of this tree. The komodines will give me a little wrong. But surely that kind readers apologize the error, if you produce, and they will bring their knowledge to enrich the blog. In any case, surprised the tree beauty deserves to be disclosed with the fans but […]

Olive trees of the CHARQUILLAS (Chapinería)

The small group of olive trees located in Chapinería, opposite the Palace of La Sagra. It is the Charquillas Park is at the junction of the old roads of Ávila and Toledo, and was the designated site to locate the gallows and the leghold trap, symbols of authority subject to the condition of villa that […]

Madrid: Environmental working group

“The revolution will be green or there will be no where make it”assemblies: on Wednesdays and Sundays, at 19 h, in the Plaza del Carmen. The environmental working group of the AcampadaSol is set as a group open to anyone in which, through the collection of information, the deepening and the discussion of various […]