Bésame Mucho. The music of passions in Madrid

Publicado el 1 June 2011
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cartelFirst Barcelona and Madrid is now the city chosen for the landing of Caribbean music, who since last year has been impacting where occurs. “Kiss me much.” “The Musical of the passions” is a tremendous musical comedy that involved more than 30 actors, singers, musicians and dancers of the Cuban company directed by dancer and choreographer yolena Alonso and will be presented in the Theatres of the Canal between March 9 and the April 3.

Yolena is the mentor of the shows Yoldancecompany, which premiered in August of last year, at the Teatro Mella de la Habana this funny comedy music, full of movements and popular songs. Before “Viva Cuba” was commissioned to capture the historical essence of the island, this time the choreographer focuses on the ups and downs of a young romantic triangle.

The work puts us in some neighborhood of Cuba, with a lively, bustling atmosphere, there the love story between Camila and Edward begins to give shape to the show. A true explosion of colours, music and Cuban folk songs have the same energy as the dancers, who wear magnificent costumes.

Bésame Mucho. El Musical de las PasionesBésame Mucho. The music of the passions

The musical is set in a frenetic ongoing exploration of the joys and the disappointments, of young people who live the Havana of today.

The show has two-hour, time in which musicians and singers perform live 30 issues of the repertoire, a great soundtrack accompanies perfectly daring choreography sensual and furious.

So you know, if you’re traveling in Madrid between March 9 and April 3, you have an excellent proposal in the red room of the theatres of the channel, Cea Bermudez, 1 to enjoy of “Besame Mucho.” “The music of the passions”.

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