A stroll through the gardens of Aranjuez

Publicado el 1 June 2011
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Jardines de AranjuezGardens of Aranjuez

We are already in spring, the best time to be in contact with nature. How if you dare to leave for a moment the rapid pace of the city of Madrid and travel just 45 kilometers to the South to visit the gardens of Aranjuez.

Famous for its magnificent gardens and the Royal Palace , Aranjuez is located very close to the limit with Toledo on the banks of the Tagus and Jarama rivers.

If this was the place of leisure of the Kings and source of inspiration for artists, for us it will not be the exception, and we will also experience the feeling that here the time seems to stop and daily routines disappear thanks to new and pure air that renews the lungs.

Palacio Real de AranjuezPalacio Real de Aranjuez

Walk through the Villa Real de Aranjuez is an exquisite way to delight the senses, but arriving at the Royal Palace and its surrounding gardens experience is strengthened, seem natural postal real by its vast range of plant species and tree, by his great display of flowers mixed between sources of stones and marble and topped with statues of mythological characters.

There are four gardens which were created next to the Palacio Real de Aranjuez and declared in the year 2001 as the Landscape Cultural Heritage of the humanity by UNESCO: the Garden of the island, of the Parterre, the Prince and Queen Elizabeth II.

They were built to pay tribute to the Royal residence in the arid plateau, taking advantage of the waters of the Tajo and Jarama and use them in the irrigation of the most important gardens in the period of the Habsburg Spain.

The gardens of the island are surrounded by the waters of the Tagus and an artificial river, decorated with many sculptures and fountains.The Parterre garden is flanked by a moat and a balustrade of iron with vases created by Charles III, is a small square with busts of Kings of Spain.The Prince’s Garden It is the largest, extends for 150 acres with trees, an artificial lake, pheasants, peacocks and squirrels in total freedom.The last to be built was the Isabella II’s Garden in 1830 the year of his birth, has eight vases, stone benches and a bronze statue of the Queen girl.

Travel in the Strawberry train from Madrid to Aranjuez would experience is perfect, the train meets this route from May to October.

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