Madrid zoo

  The germ of the Madrid zoo dates from the year 1770 in the Casa de Retiro menagerie, founded by Charles III. But true promoter of the Madrid Zoo was Antonio Lleó de la Viña, who built facilities there today, current zoo in the Casa de Campo was inaugurated in 1972, thereafter until our days […]

Antonio López in the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza exhibition inaugurated

Yesterday was opened at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid , in his room for temporary exhibitions, a full representation of the work of the Spanish artist Antonio Lopez (Tomelloso, 1936), which includes oil paintings, drawings and sculptures, some of his themes more common, such as the Interior or the human figure, his landscapes and urban […]

The Natural Park of Faunia

On your next trip to Madrid don’t make a visit to the Park Faunia, it is not a place just for children, young and not so young can pass it from wonders in this huge natural area that is home to thousands of species of animals from all over the world. In the Park Zoo […]

Cinema summer 2011 in Madrid

Lcrisis It has hit the tijeretazo this year Madrid summer movies. His most important programming of the Park of the bulb has been cropped enormously. Even so, still will be programmed there movies, as well as in other parts of the city. As every year, we offer a list of places that will be screened […]

Programme 2011 Villa concerts summers

It returns one of the essential dates of the summers of the capital. Dance, theatre and concerts in the nights of summer in stage door of the Angel, the Sabatini gardens, different streets and squares of the center of the capital, as well as private and municipal theatres and live music halls. Returns the renewed […]

THE 2011 Madrid GAY pride week programme

After the incident with Gallardón and the refusal of the city to allow celebrations (changing Ordinances on ruídos) seems Chueca square will not be anything more than the opening speech. The cconciertos will be in plaza of the Moon, and more distant scenarios, but with reduced hours. próximamanete more information Gay pride photos Whorush: […]

St. John’s night in Madrid

Not official, but allowed party quotes, beyond of San Francisco el Grande, in the Park of the cornice, families and groups meet to skip bonfires and drink under the stars. Fortunately, there is an ambulance of the SAMUR for jumpers without knowing. Organised, the Association of neighbors of the Park of the cornice, speculation of […]

Bibliographic treasures of the Ministry of defence

Until July 03.-in this exhibition are some of the most valuable historical funds of the bibliographic heritage of defence, as a collection of 56 manuscripts and prints of the period between 1482 and 1951, shown for the first time to the public. Volumes have been selected both for their artistic for their documentary value and […]

Arab cartoons

On Monday, March 30.-as end of cycle: Arab stereotypes in Western cinema, will screen a selection of short films that seek to expand the vision of the Arab world. How many times, watching a film or a television series, appear Arabic characters that embody villains, terrorists, religious fanatics or sheikhs with petrodollars? These views stereotyped, […]

Acid, Bemaior

Up to the 10 of June-first individual in Madrid of Bemaior, Spanish artist (1981) in international training. With his work, regenerates the constant question of how can live paint in space and as you can space be part of the painting. Through various disciplines and parts processual proposes different points of view where you can […]

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