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Publicado el 31 May 2011
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Ice BarIce Bar

If you are traveling in Madrid sure you want to try to learn everything that the city has to show and share, above all those places and experiences that are not part of the opinions of ordinary travellers.

If you want to boast of an outing really different can break by the Ice Bar which is in the Alberto Bosch 14Street, just behind the Museo del Prado. It is the first bar of ice of Madrid in the interior of a frigorific camera with ten thousand kilos of ice in the form of sculpture. The glove provides the setting and if you dare to go in the winter or when it is, you must not be more than half an hour, except that you want to catch a necessary cold for some excuse too important.

Another proposal for you explores a different Madrid side are the “shots of ice”, a drink that started as London, New York and Paris fashion and some time ago became this capital.

The “ice shots” are different varieties of vodka in glasses of ice. An excellent proposal for cool nights and for lovers of this drink, which can share with friends or a couple and allowed to know new tastes.

The shots of ice and a fantastic cocktail of vodka is served in the Restaurant Olsen in his Vodka Bar which also has the lounge Belvedere, a place where are real cult of vodka and is on the street Prado, 15 Madrid and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 1 p.m. until 2 in the morning.

The Restaurant Olsen is one of the more trendy, more cosmopolitan city that keeps in his basement more than three years of culinary experience with a marked influence North.

The owners of the Olsen Buenos Aires landed in the center of the Spanish capital with a restaurant and a Vodka Bar in modern Scandinavian design and a letter containing all commodities of the cuisine of the North of Europe.

Chupito de HieloIce shot glass

The decoration of the site is designed to captivate an audience who are encouraged to engage in new experiences and is to this end that we must set up a real show where the star is a huge illuminated bucket containing a bottle in a block of ice that has carved the name of the Belvedere winter lounge.

If you want to enjoy the content you must break the ice with a hammer to release the bottle and savor the vodka in its proper temperature.

And do not recommend trying to try all the varieties of vodka that offered in the Olsen, since it has no less than 80 different types ranging from the pistachios, cinnamon, violet, tamarind, chocolote and surprising combinations.

You can not deny that if you decide to book hotels in Madrid now know how to experience a totally different adventure.

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