The walk of the gastronomy of Madrid

Publicado el 31 May 2011
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Restaurant Currito – Madrid

You only need to sit at the table in Madrid to understand, that as in other Spanish cities, also in Madrid gastronomy is an art. Its cuisine is the result of the received from all corners of Spaininfluence, still stands out with a traditional seal in more than a typical and Rodeo, recipe such as cooked or the torrijas,

The cosmopolitan aspect, hospitable and open of the city is reflected in its kitchen and its restaurants specialising in regional cuisine, is then when must refer to one of the clearest examples of what you mentioned: the Walk of the gastronomy of the Recinto Ferial of the Casa de Campo.

The critics agreed place in this space, located just five minutes from the Centre of the city, to the ten best restaurants in Madrid, where we find elaborated cuisine, a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, dishes from Galicia, Asturias and the Basque country.

Several former Feria del Campo pavilions built in the 1960s, were cleverly converted in restaurants while maintaining the typical architecture of some Spanish regions, in an elegant environment, surrounded by gardens and entertainment for children.

In this way to get to the Paseo de la Gastronomía we find a culinary Avenue running in the Centre of a magnificent green area of Madrid, which allows us to enjoy a meal of luxury, disconnected from the noise of the city, in some of their restaurants.

The sacred-Madrid forest restaurant

We can start testing the best cuisine of the Basque country “Currito” or in the Restaurant “Guipuzcoa” located in the Province of Vizcaya Pavilion “A” Casiña “ is in the Pavilion of Pontevedra and offers the best Galician flavors; “ondarreta” is in the Pavilion of Segovia; “El Palacio de la Mission” in the Pavilion of Cáceres; the best dishes of the Principality of Asturias are found in “the sacred forest”; fish, meats and fresh vegetables Spanish integrate the recipes of the “Colonial de Monic”, “La Masia de José Luis”, the “Casa Burgos Araceli” or “The fish”.

Each restaurant has own parking so you can go in the car, but is also easily accessible by any public transport: subway (stop Lakes) or several bus lines of Madrid (31, 33, 36, 39, 65 or 138)

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