The route of the museums of the month of may

Publicado el 31 May 2011
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Real Jardín BotánicoRoyal Botanic Garden

Many times, in the desire to know the most popular for tourism in Madrid, we forget or disregard the visit to museums, one of the most valuable treasures the city.

Attentive to this repeated behavior, the Madrid Metro company and several museums, again set up during the month of may “the route of museums”, an interesting initiative that allows madrileños and tourists, to be clients of the Madrid Metro, visit several museums for free only with presenting the title of travel or the payment of transport.

Without a doubt the month of May is a month of celebrations in the city of Madrid starting with the celebrations of the community of day 2 and day 15 when he reminds the Holy patron of Madrid. To these dates, once more joins the free tour of the museums of the city as a targeted approach to culture.

Museo de Arte GeomineroGeomining Museum

The proposal is aimed at large, children and the family in this way they come to the museums of the city and did not pursue its cultural offerings, you only need to submit the title of travel or the payment of transport, to carry out the visits. The “passport of the science”, may also be obtained to access awards participating in a game of riddles that are revealing during the route.

CosmoCaixa is the first of the centers it can be visited through this method since 30 April and 1 and 2 May. The Museum of natural science will work with the free system on 7 and 8 May. The Royal Botanic Gardens day 9, 16, 23 and 30 may; the Museum Geomining 14 and may 15; the Museum of anthropology on 21 and 22 may; the National Museum of science and technology on 28 and 29 May.

Again the Madrid Metro is present in the cultural spaces of Madrid, an excellent opportunity for madrileños and tourists come for free to museums in the Museum route.

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