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Publicado el 31 May 2011
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24/05/2011En the camp of Puerta Sol in Madrid, where thousands of Spaniards claim since May 15 “real democracy” generated its own media that transmit 24 hours. News Agency, radio, TV and photos produced freely and collectively. Commercial media recognize the defeat “That has a dimension that has eluded us,” recognizes the newspaper El Mundo. Or newspapers and TV channels fail, together, add the audience generated by community media. Here, the data to enter the new world. And find out live what is happening.
The indignant in Madrid. Photo: Real democracy  
News Portal. With the slogan “Tomá Street” and the clarification “Are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers” published own news and links to friends blogs. There you can read the manifesto, releases and the agenda for action. In “Who we are” are presented in the following way:
This calls for citizen and apartidista has been forged in the heat of the internet and social networks, through a completely informal discussion group called “Platform for the coordination of pro-movilización citizen groups”, whose sole purpose is to encourage the open discussion among all those who want to become involved in the preparation and coordination of joint actions.
The same people from all walks of we participate as citizens dissatisfied with the current political and economic system. Some act individually and others belong to citizens platforms, forums, blogs or pages and groups of social networks. You can see some of them in the section “Accessions”.
We must stress that this platform will not organize, promote or tolerate any type of violence, acts of vandalism, racist, homophobic or xenophobic by persons, groups or associations affiliated to it. This is a peaceful movement.
We believe that the use of violent and/or vandalism acts only leads to unrest and clashes and that does not help, in any case, the objectives of this proposal. We believe that the way to achieve these objectives is by peaceful actions, and in any case, civil disobedience. Therefore, this platform clearly condemned such violent acts.
If you have any doubt or query, you can contact us:
Facebook page: real democracy now

To this day in addition 349.436 people interconnected on a permanent basis.
Sun TV
In addition the movement 15-M has an own television which is broadcast in streaming constantly what is happening in the square. A channel set up by journalists Pepa González and Kike Álvarez, – founders of a producer – and neighbors of the Puerta del Sol. From a very discreet portal from the point of view of design, transmitted live and uninterrupted everything that happens in Puerta del Sol. You record-breaking Internet audience.
It is a collective of counter-information that hedges permanent published daily. One of your photos can add 5,000 visits a couple of hours.

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