Madrid: The Museum route

Already there are no grounds for who live or visit Madrid is deprived of visiting their museums, throughout the month of may madrileños and tourists who are customers of the Madrid Metro can make for free “the route of museums” only with presenting the title of travel or the payment of transport, at the entrance […]

Hotels in the art triangle of Madrid

The city of Madrid is known worldwide for its culture, concept which increased significantly in the last thirty years. Art is one of the reasons that attracts the largest number of tourists every year and is the art triangle or golden triangle, one of the most visited points. Hotel NH Paseo del Prado The Triangle […]

70Th Madrid book fair

Once again be held in Madrid one of the most important literary events of Spain. From May 27 to June 12 at the Parque del Retiro is the 70th book fair that each edition receives a huge number of people and comes with new publications, provides opportunity to interact with the authors, offers discounts, workshops […]

Lavand, dresses and fashion spring-summer 2011

by Silvia Acosta you’re going to go crazy when you see that dresses presents this full of very fresh female silhouettes and original Spanish firm, can not choose just one… Rare is that in these days where flood us clothing of many houses of fashion virtually around the world, a Spanish company will be surprised […]

XOCOLHÁTL, chocolate hundred by hundred Mexico

by Raquel Lozano recommend this place for 3 things. The main, his chocolate. In Mexico, the best taste of this delicacy. Second, its bakery and salty creations. Great. And, third, its cafeteria, very special Llegaba Easter and I wanted to make a gift to my nieces and nephews. I know that in Catalonia it is […]

Breast FRAMBOISE, a boulangerie in Paris in the Madrid

“by Clara Isabella Buedo starts the countdown so that the rich mother Framboise boulangerie opens its doors; no plans for the weekend? book slot in your schedule and make a visit to this temple of pastry making homemade. “Hyperventilate: Increase in excess respiratory frequency and intensity “…” That is what will soon make the lovers […]

NATURE & CLARK, Testate supplementation and cosmetic bio

by Clara Isabella Buedo do you want to keep your health in perfect condition and only through natural substances? As you can that you are interested in the method of the DRA. Clark now you can find in full Center of Madrid. Health and beauty begin in the intestine. The proliferation of fungi, bacteria and […]