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Publicado el 29 May 2011
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by Irene Diaz

three hundred square meters dedicated to relax in the heart of Madrid, it seems a contradiction in terms but it isn’t who deserves more a massage you?

Why not give health, beauty and well-being? It is one of the gifts of fashion lately in the city would who do not you like a relaxing massage? I so give me all the time.
Specialists in relaxation, the clinic medical aesthetics Silene da Rocha offers in its three hundred square meters of the center of Madrid the best treatment, specialized and only to achieve the balance that your you deserve.

In addition to a range of beauty treatments, they have a long list of options for relaxation that make it almost impossible to decide. I at least have not I decided:

Fisioterapéutico: The more defendant in these times. Contractions are frequent by the bad posture, mainly when we are subjected to tension. This massage relaxes muscles and allows you to download the affected area, helping to solve categories of mild to moderate pain.

Relax: In this massage the protagonists are the organic oil of fruits of the Amazon, extracted and prepared as traditionally did the Indians of the Amazon you transported to another place. Ideal for the more stressed, any renewal.

Tired legs: This is chosen by pregnant and hostesses, soothes tired legs and increases the lymphatic system by avoiding the retention of liquids with a cold cream.

Shitao: This is the famous massage with hot stones accompanied with jasmine essential oil to get an experience of well-being and good feelings.

Lymphatic draining massage: Ideal if you want to feel lighter, retrieve the include or improve the cellulite problems. The retention of fluids and fatty clusters, the lack of physical activity, the age or genetic factors often prevent the smooth functioning of the lymphatic system.

Holistic massage: With what is work the energy system of the body at different levels of intensity. Treat and decompress the nervous system through the personalized and comprehensive catalog of clinical massage option.

Reflexology feet: This ancient therapy of Asian origin could not miss in Silene da Rocha, a special foot massage to balance and improve the bodies by digit puncture.

I think that all would come me well! Sure that you also
From that they opened their doors in 2008 have always had in mind that each client is unique, in Silene da Rocha opt for the use of new non-invasive techniques helping of the latest in equipment and always using organic products of proven effectiveness.
Physicians, dermatologists, nurses, physical therapists, beauticians and specialized technicians prepared to treat us as Queens who are but not only to us, for they have a specialized menu of treatments that I recommend you try.

In TopMadrid: Silene da Rocha

ir a www.silenedarocha.comSilene da Rocha (see tab and map)
Quintana, 3 Street
Tel: 91 758 59 42
Specialists in relaxation, the clinic medical aesthetics Silene da Rocha offers in its three hundred square meters of the center of Madrid the best deal, specialized and unique.

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