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Publicado el 29 May 2011
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by Clara Isabella Buedo

take a few caladitas while you take a Cup already is possible thanks to the first Club private smoking, the requirements for access? Be smoker and enjoy life with style…

I remember the time in which could smoke in the subway, and between trans-shipment and transshipment, hala!, a caladilla. Or in long haul buses, in which we apiñábamos in the tail to give the nicotine that rather than in a means of transport, it seems that we were in London a cold daybreak Randonee Now yet the snap of the stone to light a cigarette, automatically generates a host of intimidating looks, accusers, disdain and intolerance.
They ladean head from one side to another with eyes fixed and slightly Puckered and the mouth in horizontal line in a clear gesture of desaprobación… To others it gives them force ridiculous tosecillas and making fuss with their hands in the desire to kill of a smack the rows of smoke that buzz around. And you feel human divestment, cornered, isolated, reviled by a society that tries to assimilate the prohibition of smoking based on moral rebukes.
Because Yes, I smoke. So what? But the spaces are reduced. Now smokers to us have been restraining orders. We can not bring us hospitals, parks, or to the colegios… But as there were always great remedies for the great evils, now comes to Madrid Royal Smoking Club, the first private smoking Club, an association non-profit located next to the Kerala Club whose social goal is clear enough: enjoy a good drink and a cigarette.

It is not a bar to the use, because it does not have waiters scrupulously following the dictates of the law, are themselves members which were stewed and eaten it. Drinks can be purchased in the bordering Kerala Club, by the way, say that train the best Gin Tonic of Madrid.

Equipped with a powerful system of smoke extraction, the place has all the comforts to spend a pleasant time and relaxed, this help the broadcasting of sporting events, shows and live music, a pool table, Moroccan sishas of flavored tobacco, poker tables, dardos… The conditions for membership are either simple: be of legal age, be tolerant of tobacco or cigarette smoking man and the important and fundamental, enjoy the life with style.

In TopMadrid: Royal Smoking Club

ir a www.keralamadrid.comKerala (see tab and map)
The Nardo Street, 8
Tel: 91 579 01 03
Gin Club in the area of Plaza de Castilla, with typical Indian decor and offers 37 varieties of Geneva to mix in the most exclusive drinks. It is open daily from 4 pm and have card discount for members
ir a www.royalsmokingclub.comRoyal Smoking Club (see tab and map)
The Nardo Street, 6
Scrupulously following the dictates of the anti-smoking law arises Royal Smoking Club, a private Association where you can enjoy a good drink and a cigarette without disturbing, nor disturb…

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