Movie releases. May 2011 (IV)

Publicado el 29 May 2011
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by Álvaro Pedraz

this week, ‘post’ – electoral, we do our own peaceful sit-in front of the Billboard to protest and try to change the mode of production film Yankee… I do not read, join you.

The Beaver (THE BEAVER), Jodie Foster. A top executive of a toy industry suffers from a severe depression whose only way out seems to be a puppet of stuffed with which to recover the relationship with his family. With Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.
BRUTAL BOX, Oscar red Martin. A man in unemployment and desperate creates a web page of extreme contents that interest the commercial industry, despite the fact that they did not imagine his true dimension.

JACQUES LEONARD, the PAYO CHAC, from Yago Leonard. Documentary that travels through life through the work of French photographer who illustrated as anyone to the Gypsy race.

nowhere boy, Sam Taylor-Wood. Review of the teenage life of myth John Lennon, focusing on his troubled family relationships and their first steps in music.

Small lies without importance, by Guillaume Canet. A group of friends continues year after year the tradition of holiday all together on the beach, despite the crash of one of them and the small falsehoods that held them together.

SENNA, Asif Kapadia. Documentary about the racing driver Brazilian from his first race until his fateful crash.


Overwhelmed by the electoral blue tide (by what they most want to do not ask me to make assessments, that I acaloro… – Ché-) we make our own camp, this time in front of the Billboard, and maybe also a mode of protest:

* Protest and fat, almost enough to strike of cinema. We speak as well because the more publicized this week is not but the Jodie Foster film on both sides of the Chamber, with his Gibson colegui: The Beaver (THE BEAVER). The matter is of a United family which will be never defeated (rare in the case of Mel) man in a deep emotional slump (poor) and that found solace getting the hand behind (you see as the Bank), this time to a stuffed Beaver. The thing atufa both to stale family drama that are in danger, their hardened spectators, that it becomes a ball of hair in full throat. Often drink.

* The following is intended to be a manifesto for the different movies such as the ‘national thriller’ gender (as if it were not living already). BRUTAL box is its title and is untroubled by violence in the network. Something, on the other hand, quite apparently, and that, in the case of thriller and Spanish, we doubt the outcome, because historically that Union of concepts has led to great comedies at the same time.

* The next banner reaching the Billboard is the Spanish documentary: JACQUES LEONARD, EL PAYO chac, on the great photographer of the Gypsy world. Through the testimony of their own children can have an idea of the Cartier-Bresson kale.

* Something also quite vindictive may be the British film nowhere boy, which runs through the adolescence of Lennon, always evocative character which we will learn his more unknown stage, rock and ‘elvisiana’.

* Despite the above, our favorite slogan may be that of the French film Small lies without importance, taquillazo in the neighbouring country and to take a vacation to tour the adult world with their masks and their melancholy. A PRIORI of the week the option more votable, drinking or least bad, as it looks.

* And finally this small manifa, we echo of another documentary, this time English: SENNA, the Brazilian myth of pilotage of formula one, the great Ayrton. Pedestal that we hope never upload types as Hamilton (just in case its parent), for example. This comment has been totally free, no cost to the reader. So then do not say that one does things objectively.

What you have to see (and never better said).

PS: this week, as he is puppet, not can only recommend: ‘of the life of the marionettes‘ of the great Ingmar Bergman in 1980. Almost a documentary about the deep darkness of a serial killer. And you that the vean…
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Estrenos de cine. Mayo 2011 (III) The commercial pitch of the ‘piraña’ of the Caribbean (and the box office) overshadows the Billboard this week, so much so that hardly anything else for fear premieres to not collect nor the remains…Estrenos de cine. Mayo 2011 (II) Another week that comes a much ‘without’: ‘without identity’, without personality, without originality, without incentives and quiet. There will be a premiere ‘with’? Any key ‘allen’ able to fix it?Estrenos de cine. Mayo 2011 (I)Just as God precisely no, but a little ‘assassins’ we really are to analyse, without mercy, releases each week. A little as if we hunt in Pakistán…Lanzamientos DVD. Mayo 2011 Is preferable to not see us ‘Enredados’ no take ‘Love and other drugs’ to climb to the ‘Skyline’, even ‘ 3 meters above heaven ‘ and that after the fall touch us a ‘Balada triste de trompeta’…Estrenos de cine. Abril 2011 (V)‘Do not be afraid’ that ‘We are going to make money’ and ‘ all gas’ examining as ‘Baby’ premieres of this week, with all the ‘Thor’-peza to possible us….
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